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Fifteenth Annual Conference
Latinos in the Heartland: Building Bridges, Dialogue, and Opportunity
June 8-10, 2016
Columbia, Missouri

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Plenary Speakers

For breakout session details, see the program page.

Two of these plenary sessions are available on youtube: Dr. Gustavo Carlo, and Dr. Sandra Magaña.

Dr. Juan Andrade, Jr.
President of the United States Hispanic Leaderships Institute (USHLI)

Dr Juan Andrade Jr

Dr. Juan Andrade is the President of the United States Hispanic Leadership Institute. USHLI has registered 2.3 million voters, published 425 studies on Latino demographics, trained over 900,000 present/future leaders, awarded over $1.3 million in scholarships and internships, and sponsors the largest Latino leadership conference in the nation.

He is one of the most highly decorated Latino leaders in the nation, only the 4th Latino in history to be honored by both the government of the United States and the government of Mexico.  In 2001 he received the Presidential Citizens Medal from President Bill Clinton at the White House. In 2011 he received the National Ohtli Award, the highest honor presented by the people and government of Mexico for distinguished service to the Mexican and Mexican American community in the United States.

Originally from Brownwood, Texas, as a boy he sold newspapers and worked in restaurants washing dishes, pots and pans.  As a farm worker he picked cotton and hoed weeds in cabbage, watermelon, cantaloupe, peanut and cotton fields.  As a high school and college student he worked in factories and meatpacking plants.  

He has earned five degrees including a BA from Howard Payne University, a M.Ed from Antioch College, an Ed.S and Ed.D from Northern Illinois University, and a post-doctorate MA from Loyola University Chicago.


Dr. Gustavo Carlo
Professor of Human Development and Family Science, and Director of the Center for Family Policy and Research at the University of Missouri

Dr gus Carlo

Dr. Gustavo Carlo is the Millsap Professor of Diversity and Multicultural Studies in the Human Development and Family Science Department at the University of Missouri - Columbia, and the Director of the Center for Family Policy and Research.

His research focuses on prosocial and moral development among children and adolescents, including a focus on the positive health and adjustment among Latino families and youth. He examines temperament, family correlates, social cognitions and emotions, and culture-related variables associated with prosocial and moral development.

He has authored or coauthored over one hundred reviewed journal articles, and edited several volumes, including most recently Rural Ethnic Minority Youth and Families in the United States (2016), and Prosocial Development: A Multidimensional Approach (2014).


Dr. Edmund 'Ted' Hamann
Professor of Teaching, Learning & Teacher Education at University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Dr HamannDr. Edmund ‘Ted’ Hamann is a Professor in the Department of Teaching, Learning, & Teacher Education at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  Trained as an anthropologist of education, he is particularly interested in how the ways educational decision-makers imagine their constituent populations in turn shape the educational policies and practices they support for those populations.

 In particular, he is interested in how education decision-makers imagine transnationally mobile populations, notably those who have moved between Mexico and the United States.   On the US side, he has helped found the subfield of research on education in the New Latino Diaspora.  

He is co-editor (with Stanton Wortham and Enrique G. Murillo, Jr.) of Revisiting Education in the New Latino Diaspora (Information Age Press, 2015; details here, and New Books in Education podcast here), coauthor of Alumnos Transnacionales: Las Escuelas Mexicanas Frente a la Globalización (Secretaría de Educación Pública de México, 2008), and more than 50 journal articles and book chapters.  

In 2015 he was recognized by the American Anthropology Association winning its Anthropology in Public Policy Award.  He began his career teaching an experimental bilingual family literacy curriculum in the Argentine district of Kansas City, Kansas.


Dr. Sandy Magaña
Professor of Disability and Human Development at the University of Illinois at Chicago

Dr MaganaSandy Magaña, PhD, MSW, is a professor in Disability and Human Development at the University of Illinois at Chicago.  Dr. Magaña’s research focus is on the cultural context of families who care for persons with disabilities and mental illness and the experiences of parents who have disabilities. 

She has been a leader in investigating racial and ethnic disparities among children with autism and developmental disabilities and among their family caregivers.  Building on this research, Magaña has developed culturally relevant interventions to address these disparities, bringing the Promotora de Salud (community health worker) model to the disability world. 

She is in the process of leading a large two-site randomized trial of an intervention that seeks to empower Latino parents of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

She is also director of the newly established Family Support Research and Training Center (FSRTC).



Other Presenters

In May, a document with short biographies for all presenters will be available here. Check back then!


Program overview
Time Wednesday, June 8 Thursday, June 9 Friday, June 10

Student meetings

Morning Plenary;
Breakout Session #2

Morning Plenary;
Breakout Session #5
Closing Session

Midday Conference convenes at 1pm Lunch Conference adjourns

Welcome Session;
Education Plenary;
Breakout Session #1

Civic Engagement Plenary;
Breakout Session #3;
Breakout Session #4

Evening Poster session and Dinner Open Night  

Breakout sessions will each have options within five tracks.